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Matter in extreme states created by laser

Lasers have become a standard tool in high pressure physics. They allow to produce multi-Megabar shock waves which brings matter to extreme conditions of high-energy-density. Experiments in converging geometry allow studying matter in the GBar pressure regime. Using lasers it is possible to obtain completely new set of experimental data which are important from several fields of physics: modellization of interior planets and dwarf stars, inertial confinement fusion, material science. Such experimental renaissance is accompanied by novel development in theoretical models of matter in extreme conditions which are becoming able to describe matter at density above solid state and high temperatures. The goal of this special issue is to present experimental and theoretical developments around the world and trends in current research.

Guest Editors: Dr. Katarzyna Jakubowska, Prof. Dimitri Batani, Prof. X. T. He, and Prof. Keisuke Shigemori

K. Batani; D. Batani; X. T. He; K. Shigemori
Hidenori Terasaki; Tatsuhiro Sakaiya; Keisuke Shigemori; Kosaku Akimoto; Hiroki Kato; Yoichiro Hironaka; Tadashi Kondo
D. Raffestin; L. Lecherbourg; I. Lantuéjoul; B. Vauzour; P. E. Masson-Laborde; X. Davoine; N. Blanchot; J. L. Dubois; X. Vaisseau; E. d’Humières; L. Gremillet; A. Duval; Ch. Reverdin; B. Rosse; G. Boutoux; J. E. Ducret; Ch. Rousseaux; V. Tikhonchuk; D. Batani
Z. Chen; X. Na; C. B. Curry; S. Liang; M. French; A. Descamps; D. P. DePonte; J. D. Koralek; J. B. Kim; S. Lebovitz; M. Nakatsutsumi; B. K. Ofori-Okai; R. Redmer; C. Roedel; M. Schörner; S. Skruszewicz; P. Sperling; S. Toleikis; M. Z. Mo; S. H. Glenzer
O. N. Rosmej; X. F. Shen; A. Pukhov; L. Antonelli; F. Barbato; M. Gyrdymov; M. M. Günther; S. Zähter; V. S. Popov; N. G. Borisenko; N. E. Andreev
D. Calestani; M. Villani; G. Cristoforetti; F. Brandi; P. Koester; L. Labate; L. A. Gizzi
N. Nissim; E. Greenberg; M. Werdiger; Y. Horowitz; L. Bakshi; Y. Ferber; B. Glam; A. Fedotov-Gefen; L. Perelmutter; S. Eliezer
Peng Wang; Chen Zhang; Shaoen Jiang; Xiaoxi Duan; Huan Zhang; LiLing Li; Weiming Yang; Yonggang Liu; Yulong Li; Liang Sun; Hao Liu; Zhebin Wang
Zixiang Yan; Hao Liu; Xinyu Zhang; Guoli Ren; Jie Liu; Wei Kang; Weiyan Zhang; Xiantu He
A. S. Martynenko; S. A. Pikuz; I. Yu. Skobelev; S. N. Ryazantsev; C. D. Baird; N. Booth; L. N. K. Döhl; P. Durey; A. Ya. Faenov; D. Farley; R. Kodama; K. Lancaster; P. McKenna; C. D. Murphy; C. Spindloe; T. A. Pikuz; N. Woolsey
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