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HEDP and ICF Target Fabrication

Targets are an indispensable part of all inertial confinement fusion (ICF) and high-energy-density physics (HEDP) experiments: while a high-quality target does not guarantee the success of an experiment, a poor-quality one can definitely lead to failure. In ICF and HEDP experiments, the precision with which targets are fabricated is critical to obtaining successful results, and many cross-disciplinary scientific and technological challenges are involved in the fabrication process. Worldwide, more and more researchers and groups are involved in the development of target fabrication techniques, and a great deal of progress has been made. This Special Issue on HEDP and ICF target fabrication covers the fabrication of target components, target assembly, and characterization.

Guest Editors: David Harding and Yaping Dai

Special Collection Image
Yaping Dai; D. R. Harding
Deepak Kumar; Michal Šmíd; Sushil Singh; Alexander Soloviev; Hannes Bohlin; Konstantin Burdonov; Gashaw Fente; Alexander Kotov; Livia Lancia; Vit Lédl; Sergey Makarov; Michael Morrissey; Sergey Perevalov; Denis Romanovsky; Sergey Pikuz; Ryousuke Kodama; David Neely; Paul McKenna; Tomáš Laštovička; Mikhail Starodubtsev; Stefan Weber; Motoaki Nakatsutsumi; Julien Fuchs
Longxiao Wang; Yun Wang; Xianxian Ma; Weiqian Zhao
S. Lorenz; G. Grittani; E. Chacon-Golcher; C. M. Lazzarini; J. Limpouch; F. Nawaz; M. Nevrkla; L. Vilanova; T. Levato
Meifang Liu; Yawen Huang; Sufen Chen; Dawei Pan; Miao Chen; Qiaomei Chu; Yiyang Liu; Qiang Yin; Zhanwen Zhang
D.R. Harding; M.J. Bonino; W. Sweet; M. Schoff; A. Greenwood; N. Satoh; M. Takagi; A. Nikroo
Xiaojia Li; Tingting Xiao; Fengwei Chen; Yingjuan Zhang; Xiaofei Li; Weidong Wu
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