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Atomic and Molecular Data for Controlled Fusion and Astrophysics

Atomic and molecular data are highly required in accurate modeling and interpretation of observations or spectroscopic diagnostics in fusion plasma and astrophysics. In the case of plasma in non-thermal equilibrium, understanding of various collision processes is important for modeling ionization balance and emission spectra. The papers collected in this special issue provide a representation of the state of the studies in Atomic and Molecular Physics for Controlled Fusion and Astrophysics.

Guest Editor: Prof. Jianguo Wang, Prof. Stefan Weber and Prof. Ratko Janev

Special Collection Image
Stefan Weber; Yong Wu; Jianguo Wang
Junwen Gao; Zhimin Hu; Yong Wu; Jianguo Wang; Nicolas Sisourat; Alain Dubois
S. N. Ryazantsev; I. Yu. Skobelev; E. D. Filippov; A. S. Martynenko; M. D. Mishchenko; M. Krůs; O. Renner; S. A. Pikuz
Dongdong Kang; Kai Luo; Keith Runge; S. B. Trickey
F. B. Rosmej; L. A. Vainshtein; V. A. Astapenko; V. S. Lisitsa
F. B. Rosmej; V. A. Astapenko; V. S. Lisitsa; L. A. Vainshtein
Dongdong Kang; Yong Hou; Qiyu Zeng; Jiayu Dai
Shu-Xing Wang; Lin-Fan Zhu
M. F. Ciappina; E. E. Peganov; S. V. Popruzhenko
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