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Papers from the 33rd International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (33rd IVNC 2020)

This is a collection of papers presented at the 33rd International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference, IVNC 2020. The conference was held virtually on July 6-8, 2020. The International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference series is devoted to the nanoscience and technology of vacuum electron sources and their applications. Initially focused on field emission, displays and power tubes, it has since expanded to encompass the understanding of the physics, chemistry, electron emission and beam properties of novel nano-emitters based on various electron emission mechanisms, as well as the materials, growth, and fabrication technologies of sources and vacuum electronic devices.

Image Credit: Simon Edler, Andreas Schels, Josef Biba, Walter Hansch, Michael Bachmann, Felix Düsberg, Marinus Werber, Christoph Langer, Manuel Meyer, David von Bergen and Andreas Pahlke, JVST B 39(1),, (2021).

Special Collection Image
Fernando F. Dall’Agnol; Sergey V. Filippov; Eugeni O. Popov; Anatoly G. Kolosko; Thiago A. de Assis
Simon Edler; Andreas Schels; Josef Biba; Walter Hansch; Michael Bachmann; Felix Düsberg; Marinus Werber; Christoph Langer; Manuel Meyer; David von Bergen; Andreas Pahlke
Nikita M. Ryskin; Roman A. Torgashov; Andrey V. Starodubov; Andrey G. Rozhnev; Alexey A. Serdobintsev; Anton M. Pavlov; Viktor V. Galushka; Dmitry A. Bessonov; Giacomo Ulisse; Viktor Krozer
Shigeya Kimura; Hisashi Yoshida; Hisao Miyazaki; Takuya Fujimoto; Akihisa Ogino
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