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Celebrating the Early Career Professionals Contributing to the Advancement of Thin Films, Surfaces, Interfaces, and Plasmas

The AVS Early Career Professionals Committee (ECPC) and The Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A (JVST A) proudly introduce the inaugural Special Topic Collection: Celebrating the Early Career Professionals Contributing to the Advancement of Thin Films, Surfaces, Interfaces, and Plasmas. This Special Topic Collection features articles on all areas that fall within the scope of JVST A, authored or co-authored by early-career professionals, scientists, and engineers who, at the time of publication, were working towards their Ph.D. or within 10 years of receiving their Ph.D.

The JVST A Young Author Award was awarded to Early Career Professional authors Lucas K. Beagle, Jason Lynch, Peter R. Stevenson, Ly D. Tran, Luke A. Baldwin, Drake Austin, Deep Jariwala and Nicholas R. Glavin, for "Selective vapor sensors with thin-film MoS2-coated optical fibers".

Guest editors: Dr. Ann Lii-Rosales, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Colorado Boulder; Dr. Rachael Farber, Kadanoff-Rice Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago; Prof. Sharani Roy, Assistant Professor, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Image Credit: Diana K. LaFollette, Kinsey L. Canova, Zhejun V. Zhang and John R. Abelson, JVST A 40, 023403 (2022);

Special Collection Image
Elizabeth A. Jamka; Maxwell Z. Gillum; Christina N. Grytsyshyn-Giger; Faith J. Lewis; Daniel R. Killelea
Jeremy F. Schultz; Nan Jiang
Fahmida Azmi; Yuxuan Gao; Zahra Khatami; Peter Mascher
Sneha Banerjee; Peng Zhang
Linda Bertel; Rogelio Ospina; José Miguel García-Martín; David A. Miranda
Mehmet Fidan; Özhan Ünverdi; Cem Çelebi
Emi Minamitani; Takuma Shiga; Makoto Kashiwagi; Ippei Obayashi
Yifan Cheng; Alexandra Khlyustova; Rong Yang
Michael Motala; Lucas K. Beagle; Jason Lynch; David C. Moore; Peter R. Stevenson; Anna Benton; Ly D. Tran; Luke A. Baldwin; Drake Austin; Christopher Muratore; Deep Jariwala; Nicholas R. Glavin
Abdulhakim Bake; Weiyao Zhao; David Mitchell; Xiaolin Wang; Mitchell Nancarrow; David Cortie
Diana K. LaFollette; Kinsey L. Canova; Zhejun V. Zhang; John R. Abelson
Wanxing Xu; Ryan J. Gasvoda; Paul C. Lemaire; Kashish Sharma; Dennis M. Hausmann; Sumit Agarwal
Rebecca D. McAuliffe; Victoria Petrova; Matthew J. McDermott; Jameson Landon Tyler; Ethan C. Self; Kristin A. Persson; Ping Liu; Gabriel M. Veith
Ryan J. Gasvoda; Xue Wang; Prabhat Kumar; Eric A. Hudson; Sumit Agarwal
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