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Commemorating the Career of David Arthur Shirley

This Special Topic Collection commemorates the work and career of David Arthur Shirley, encompassing scientific achievements from all the fields in which he worked. The breadth of the collection stretches from his doctoral thesis on heat capacities and entropies of iodine and lithium, through his early research on low-temperature physics, nuclear orientation, and hyperfine interactions, across his pioneering work with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, into his establishment of the Center for X-Ray Optics (CXRO), and culminating with the construction of the Advanced Light Source (ALS), the first "third-generation" electron synchrotron optimized to produce soft X-ray light, based primarily on permanent-magnet undulators.

Guest Editors:
Dr. J.G. Tobin, U. Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Prof. Stephen Kevan, ALS, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Prof. Janice Reutt-Robey, University of Maryland
Dr. Steven Robey, NIST
Prof. R. Stanley Williams, Texas A&M University

Image Credit: Background and top right: © The Regents of the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Bottom (left to right): Alex S. Ditter, Joseph I. Pacold, Zurong Dai, M. Lee Davisson, David Vine, Scott B. Donald, Brandon W. Chung, and David K. Shuh, JVST A 40 (4), 10.1116/6.0001880, (2022); © The Regents of the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Heinz Haas, JVST A 40 (4), 10.1116/6.0001877, (2022); Stephen H. Southworth and Steven T. Manson, JVST A 40 (4), 10.1116/6.0001856, (2022).

Special Collection Image
Shuang-Qiao Sun; Man-Keung Fung; Shuit-Tong Lee
Stephen D. Kevan
Kenneth S. Krane
Nils Martensson; Alexander Föhlisch; Svante Svensson
Kenneth S. Krane
Paul S. Bagus; Sefik Suzer
Heinz Haas
F. O. Schumann; G. Di Fillippo; Z. Wei; G. Stefani
Maksim Kulichenko; Wei-Jia Chen; Hyun Wook Choi; Dao-Fu Yuan; Alexander I. Boldyrev; Lai-Sheng Wang
Stephen H. Southworth; Steven T. Manson
A. C. F. Santos; O. Travnikova; N. Boudjemia; T. Marchenko; R. Guillemin; I. Ismail; D. Koulentianos; D. Céolin; F. Gel’mukhanov; M. Simon; M. N. Piancastelli; R. Püttner
Yougang Mao; Naba K. Karan; Ravi Kumar; Russell Hopson; Pradeep R. Guduru; Brian W. Sheldon; Li-Qiong Wang
Alex S. Ditter; Joseph I. Pacold; Zurong Dai; M. Lee Davisson; David Vine; Scott B. Donald; Brandon W. Chung; David K. Shuh
William D. Brewer
L. E. Klebanoff
Giorgio Margaritondo
Eric L. Shirley; C. Weiland; J. C. Woicik
Paul S. Bagus; Connie J. Nelin; C. R. Brundle; B. Vincent Crist
J. G. Tobin
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