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Atomic Layer Etching (ALE)

Each year, in concert with the annual Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) meeting and Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) Workshop, the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A publishes collections of articles covering the most recent developments and experimental studies in ALD and ALE. This Special Topic Collection includes papers presented at ALE 2023 which took place July 23-26, 2023 in Bellevue, Washington, as well as other ALE research articles that were not presented at the conference but are submitted to the collections. The collection features articles dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer controlled etching.

Daniel N. Shanks; Rania K. Ahmed; John D. Femi-Oyetoro; Matthew R. Dickie; Andrew D. Beyer; Frank Greer
Lulu Guan; Xingyu Li; Chunxiang Guo; Xinying Shi; Kaidong Xu; Shiwei Zhuang
J. A. Michaels; N. Delegan; Y. Tsaturyan; J. R. Renzas; D. D. Awschalom; J. G. Eden; F. J. Heremans
Qinzhen Hao; Pilbum Kim; Sang Ki Nam; Song-Yun Kang; Vincent M. Donnelly
Romel Hidayat; Khabib Khumaini; Hye-Lee Kim; Tanzia Chowdhury; Tirta Rona Mayangsari; Seongjae Cho; Byungchul Cho; Sangjoon Park; Jongwan Jung; Won-Jun Lee
Jessica A. Murdzek; Ann Lii-Rosales; Steven M. George
Lamiae Hamraoui; Tinghui Zhang; Angela Crespi; Philippe Lefaucheux; Thomas Tillocher; Mohamed Boufnichel; Rémi Dussart
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