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Ring Polymers

This special issue collects papers focused on the dynamics of ring polymers across all concentration regimes including the melt state. It is published in conjunction with the July 2022 workshop on Ring Polymers held at the Monash University Prato Centre in Prato, Italy, and includes its contributions span from experiments, theory, and simulation, as well as academia, national labs and industry.

Guest Editors: Charles Schroeder, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ravi Prakash, Monash University

Karthik R. Peddireddy; Ryan Clairmont; Rae M. Robertson-Anderson
Aritra Santra; J. Ravi Prakash
Pawan Khanal; Karthik R. Peddireddy; Juexin Marfai; Ryan McGorty; Rae M. Robertson-Anderson
Thomas C. O’Connor; Ting Ge; Gary S. Grest
Renjie Chen; Shivraj B. Kotkar; Ryan Poling-Skutvik; Michael P. Howard; Arash Nikoubashman; Jacinta C. Conrad; Jeremy C. Palmer
Daniele Parisi; Maria Kaliva; Salvatore Costanzo; Qian Huang; Pierre J. Lutz; Junyoung Ahn; Taihyun Chang; Michael Rubinstein; Dimitris Vlassopoulos
Margarita Kruteva; Jürgen Allgaier; Michael Monkenbusch; Ingo Hoffmann; Dieter Richter
Charles D. Young; Yuecheng Zhou; Charles M. Schroeder; Charles E. Sing
Yuecheng Zhou; Charles D. Young; Megan Lee; Sourya Banik; Dejie Kong; Gregory B. McKenna; Rae M. Robertson-Anderson; Charles E. Sing; Charles M. Schroeder
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