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Learning from Insulators: New Trends in the Study of Conduction Properties of Metals

This special collection of Journal of Mathematical Physics comprises papers presented at the workshop "Learning from Insulators: New Trends in the Study of Conductivity of Metals" held on August 9–13, 2021. The purpose of this workshop was to promote a large-scale collaboration across different fields of mathematical physics in order to systematically investigate electronic transport in metals. In order to do this, the workshop drew inspiration on recent progress made in the area of topological insulators, interacting systems and disordered systems.

Guest Editors: Constanza Rojas-Molina, Giuseppe de Nittis, Max Lein, and Marcello Seri

Special Collection Image
A. Ya. Maltsev; S. P. Novikov
Peter Kuchment
Andreas Knauf
Giuseppe De Nittis; Danilo Polo Ojito
Alexander Cerjan; Lars Koekenbier; Hermann Schulz-Baldes
Sven Bachmann; Bruno Nachtergaele; Siddharth Vadnerkar
Joaquim Brugués; Sonja Hohloch; Pau Mir; Eva Miranda
Guo Chuan Thiang
Domenico Monaco; Gabriele Peluso
H. D. Cornean; M. Moscolari; K. S. Sørensen
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