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Algorithms and Software for Open Quantum System Dynamics

This special issue will highlight recent progress in accurate and efficient simulations of realistic open quantum systems, and progress towards simulating many-body or high-dimensional open quantum systems. A common feature of these methods is that they are highly technical and therefore difficult to implement from scratch, so we would very much encourage papers describing (reliable and well-documented JCP Best Paper by an Emerging Investigator Awards) software packages that implement them, for publication in the new "Chemical Physics Software" section of JCP. Papers on state-of-the-art applications to interesting (chemical) physics problems are also welcome.

Guest Editors: Jonathan Keeling, Alex Chin, Haobin Wang, Dvira Segal with JCP Editors David Manolopoulos, David Reichman, and Qiang Shi.

Brian Citty; Jacob K. Lynd; Tarun Gera; Leonel Varvelo; Doran I. G. B. Raccah
Valentin Boettcher; Richard Hartmann; Konstantin Beyer; Walter T. Strunz
Ilia Sokolovskii; Gerrit Groenhof
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