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Advanced Laser Sensing Techniques and Applications

The recent advance in lasers and detectors has opened up new opportunities for Optics and Photonics. Laser based optical and photonic techniques have become the powerful support of information technique, industry, human life and other important aspects of modern society. This Special Issue of the Journal of Laser Applications focuses on all aspects of the latest development in this field. The special issue contains original research and review papers that focus on the recent developments of novel lasers and detectors, the design, fabrication and experimental characterization for sensing techniques, as well as papers that focus on laboratory, field-testing and campaign application.

Guest Editors: Jingsong Li, Kun Liu, and Wei Ren

Jingsong Li
Joys S. Rivera; Marc-Olivier Gagné; Siyu Tu; Noureddine Barka; François Nadeau; Abderrazak El Ouafi
Alexander K. Dmitriev; Alexey N. Konovalov; Vladimir N. Kortunov; Valery A. Ulyanov
Wanshan Zhu; Chen Wang; Lei Zhang; Yuan Gao; Zhiwei Guan; Zhuo Meng
Mingjun Ma (马明俊); 马明俊; Li Fang (方丽); 方丽; Nanjing Zhao (赵南京); 赵南京; Xingjiu Huang (黄行九); 黄行九; Deshuo Meng (孟德硕); 孟德硕; Chaochao Pan (潘超超); 潘超超; Jianguo Liu (刘建国); 刘建国; Wenqing Liu (刘文清); 刘文清
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