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Microscopic Channel Flows

Microscopic flows occur inside living organisms, in tiny pores of soil which help sustain life, in numerous point-of-care medical microdevices, and in numerous emerging technologies. These flows exhibit intriguing physical phenomena, some of which are not seen at the conventional scale. Microscopic channels can be straight, curved, bend, diverging, converging, and many other possibilities. The possibility of finding new flow physics and developing novel applications is the basis for this collection on recent developments in the subject. Articles in this Special Topic should focus on the flow physics, and results should be sufficiently novel to warrant publication in Physics of Fluids.

Guest Editors: Atul Sharma and Amit Agrawal

C. Vargas; F. Méndez; A. Docoslis (Αριστείδης Δοκοσλής); Αριστείδης Δοκοσλής; C. Escobedo
Jing-Wu Dong; Chih-Yung Huang
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