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Modeling of Musical Instruments

This Special Issue contains papers focusing on the modeling of musical instruments, including the human voice. Physics-based modeling of sound sources has seen an increased attention over the last decades. Advances in computational and experimental capabilities allow to analyze not only the function of musical instruments themselves, but also their interaction with the surrounding environment. The contributions to this Special Issue cover a wide variety of research efforts regarding analytical and computational techniques to model musical instruments, as well as experimental measurements in order to inform or validate physical models, providing new aspects and developments to the field.

Guest Editors: Nicholas Giordano and Vasileios Chatziioannou

Image credit: Portion of Figure 10b from "Three-dimensional numerical analysis of acoustic energy absorption and generation in an air-jet instrument based on Howe's energy corollary," J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 149, 4000 (2021).

Special Collection Image
Jean-Théo Jiolat; Christophe d'Alessandro; Jean-Loïc Le Carrou; José Antunes
Nicholas Giordano; Vasileios Chatziioannou
Colin Gough
Mark Rau; Jonathan S. Abel; Doug James; Julius O. Smith, III
Tim Kirby; Mark Sandler
J. W. Thacker; N. Giordano
Christoph Pörschmann; Johannes M. Arend
Alexander Brauchler; Pascal Ziegler; Peter Eberhard
Ryoya Tabata; Rei Matsuda; Toshiaki Koiwaya; Sho Iwagami; Hiroko Midorikawa; Taizo Kobayashi; Ki'nya Takahashi
Kai Siedenburg; Simon Jacobsen; Christoph Reuter
Douglas Beaton; Gary Scavone
Michele Ducceschi; Stefan Bilbao; Silvin Willemsen; Stefania Serafin
Péter Rucz; Mihály Ádám Ulveczki; Judit Angster; András Miklós
Esteban Maestre; Gary P. Scavone; Julius O. Smith
Wilfried Kausel; Alexander Mayer; James W. Beauchamp
Song Wang; Esteban Maestre; Gary Scavone
Tsukasa Yoshinaga; Hiroshi Yokoyama; Tetsuro Shoji; Akira Miki; Akiyoshi Iida
Sebastian Gonzalez; Davide Salvi; Fabio Antonacci; Augusto Sarti
Chandrashekhar Chauhan; P. M. Singru; Radhika Vathsan
N. Giordano; J. W. Thacker
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