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Lung Ultrasound

The potential of Lung ultrasound (LUS) has become manifest in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conventional ultrasound imaging is however not designed for lung assessment, which limits its applicability to subjective and qualitative interpretations of imaging patterns. New research directions have now emerged which tackle this limitation. This special issue reports on their most recent findings. Through numerical, experimental, and in-vivo studies, the research presented aims at understanding and modeling the physical phenomena at stake in ultrasound propagation, and at leveraging these phenomena to extract semi-quantitative and quantitative information relevant to estimate changes in lung structure.

Guest Editors: Libertario Demi and Marie Muller

Image credit: Portion of Figure 4 from "Real-time multi-frequency ultrasound imaging for quantitative lung ultrasound – first clinical results," J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 148, 998 (2020).

Special Collection Image
Libertario Demi; Marie Muller
Roshan Roshankhah; Yasamin Karbalaeisadegh; Hastings Greer; Federico Mento; Gino Soldati; Andrea Smargiassi; Riccardo Inchingolo; Elena Torri; Tiziano Perrone; Stephen Aylward; Libertario Demi; Marie Muller
Roshan Roshankhah; John Blackwell; Mir H. Ali; Behrooz Masuodi; Thomas Egan; Marie Muller
Oleksii Ostras; Danai Eleni Soulioti; Gianmarco Pinton
Marcello Demi
Theresa H. Lye; Roshan Roshankhah; Yasamin Karbalaeisadegh; Stephanie A. Montgomery; Thomas M. Egan; Marie Muller; Jonathan Mamou
Federico Mento; Tiziano Perrone; Anna Fiengo; Andrea Smargiassi; Riccardo Inchingolo; Gino Soldati; Libertario Demi
Emanuele Peschiera; Federico Mento; Libertario Demi
Boran Zhou; Brian J. Bartholmai; Sanjay Kalra; Thomas Osborn; Xiaoming Zhang
Libertario Demi; Marcello Demi; Renato Prediletto; Gino Soldati
Federico Mento; Libertario Demi
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