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Trends in Flexoelectricity

This Special Topic focuses on the emerging research on the topic of flexoelectricity—a unique and universal electromechanical phenomenon that may have tantalizing implications in a wide range of subjects ranging from biotechnology to energy harvesting.

Topics that will be addressed include, but are not limited to, fundamental theory underpinning flexoelectricity, computational approaches, design of multifunctional materials, flexoelectricity in thin films and nanostructures, implications for biology, soft matter, experimental methods in characterizing flexoelectricity, exotic couplings such as flexomagnetism and photoflexoelectricity, among others. We invite prospective authors to submit original research articles that capture the cutting-edge trends in the research on flexoelectricity. In addition to original research articles, this Special Topic will also contain invited perspectives and tutorials that highlight advances of special interest and pedagogical resources for researchers seeking entry into this field.

Guest Editors: Pradeep Sharma, Gustau Catalan, and Irene Arias

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Irene Arias; Gustau Catalan; Pradeep Sharma
D. Codony; A. Mocci; J. Barceló-Mercader; I. Arias
Chang Liu; Jie Wang; Xiaoning Jiang
X. Wen; G. Yang; Q. Ma; Y. Tian; X. Liu; D. Xue; Q. Deng; S. Shen
Christina Stefani; Eric Langenberg; Kumara Cordero-Edwards; Darrell G. Schlom; Gustau Catalan; Neus Domingo
Yu-Xiang Liu; Yu Cai; You-Shan Zhang; Xing Deng; Ni Zhong; Ping-Hua Xiang; Chun-Gang Duan
M. Saadeh; Y. Aceta; P. Frère; B. Guiffard
Jingyuan Li; Weiming Xiong; Xiang Huang; Weijin Chen; Yue Zheng
X. Chen; J. Yvonnet; H. S. Park; S. Yao
H. Le Quang; Q.-C. He
Liang Sun; Zhicheng Zhang; Cunfa Gao; Chunli Zhang
Kelly S. Moreira; Ezequiel Lorenzett; Ana Luisa Devens; Yan A. Santos da Campo; Dylan Mehler; Thiago A. L. Burgo
Ying Liu; Ran-Ming Niu; Scott D. Moss; Peter Finkel; Xiao-Zhou Liao; Julie M. Cairney
Brahmanandam Javvaji; Ranran Zhang; Xiaoying Zhuang; Harold S. Park
Christopher A. Mizzi; Laurence D. Marks
Ezequiel Lorenzett; Kelly S. Moreira; Yan A. Santos da Campo; Dylan Mehler; Ana Luisa Devens; Maciej A. Noras; Thiago A. L. Burgo
Fredy Zypman
A. S. Yurkov; P. V. Yudin
Dongxia Tian; Yu Hou; Wanfeng Zhou; Baojin Chu
M. J. Zou; Y. L. Tang; Y. P. Feng; W. R. Geng; X. L. Ma; Y. L. Zhu
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