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Molecular Spintronics

Molecular spintronics paves the way to radically new device concepts, which might contribute to the redefinition of conventional spintronic applications, including sensing, information storage and processing. The field is interdisciplinary, spanning from device physics to synthetic chemistry to surface science and beyond. This Special Topic on Molecular Spintronics provides a valuable forum where scientists, engineers, and practitioners in the field share their most recent, novel findings on the control, manipulation and detection of the spin degree of freedom in molecules. Topics such as spin-polarized currents in molecular materials, organic/inorganic spinterfaces, electrical and optical manipulation of spins, and molecular spins for quantum technologies are included.

Guest Editors: Enrique Del Barco, Marco Gobbi and Miguel A. Novak

Special Collection Image
Marco Gobbi; Miguel A. Novak; Enrique Del Barco
Ferdous Ara; Hirofumi Oka; Yasuyuki Sainoo; Keiichi Katoh; Masahiro Yamashita; Tadahiro Komeda
C. Godfrin; S. Lumetti; H. Biard; E. Bonet; S. Klyatskaya; M. Ruben; A. Candini; M. Affronte; W. Wernsdorfer; F. Balestro
Marc Philipp Bahlke; Peter Wahl; Lars Diekhöner; Carmen Herrmann
Judith Guasch; Núria Crivillers; Manuel Souto; Imma Ratera; Concepció Rovira; Paolo Samorì; Jaume Veciana
Alberto Brambilla; Andrea Picone; Simona Achilli; Guido Fratesi; Alessandro Lodesani; Alberto Calloni; Gianlorenzo Bussetti; Maurizio Zani; Marco Finazzi; Lamberto Duò; Franco Ciccacci
Haoliang Liu; Jingying Wang; Ashish Chanana; Z. V. Vardeny
M. Denk; D. Queteschiner; M. Hohage; A. Navarro-Quezada; P. Zeppenfeld
Andrew Palii; Boris Tsukerblat
Gheorghe Taran; Edgar Bonet; Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
V. Corradini; A. Candini; D. Klar; R. Biagi; V. De Renzi; A. Lodi Rizzini; N. Cavani; U. del Pennino; H. Wende; E. Otero; M. Affronte
Junxian Liu; Jian Kang; Yun Wang
Jhen-Yong Hong; Shih-Hang Chang; Kui-Hon Ou Yang; Piin-Chen Yeh; Hung-Wei Shiu; Chia-Hao Chen; Wen-Chung Chiang; Minn-Tsong Lin
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