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Chaos: From Theory to Applications

This Focus Issue, organized in honor of Otto Rössler's 80th birthday, recognizes his many contributions to chaos. Otto submitted his first paper on chaos in 1976 and following this, the Rössler system quickly became one of the prototypes on which the paradigm of chaos theory is constructed. He also introduced hyperchaos and suggested a classification of chaotic attractors. This Focus Issue is devoted to showing how chaotic behaviors help to understand the reality of the world in its complexity. The papers below show how the concepts of state space, attractor, first-return maps Poincaré sections, bifurcations, etc. allow for better views of the possible dynamics produced by simple as well as complex systems.

Guest Editors: Christopher Letellier, Sylvain Mangiarotti, and Lars Folke Olsen

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Christophe Letellier; Lars F. Olsen; Sylvain Mangiarotti
N. Stankevich; A. Kazakov; S. Gonchenko
Gerold Baier; Liyuan Zhang; Qingyun Wang; Friederike Moeller
Yutaka Yamaguti; Ichiro Tsuda
S. Mangiarotti; E. Fu; P. Jouquet; M. T. Tran; M. Huc; N. Bottinelli
Sylvain Mangiarotti; Christophe Letellier
Lars F. Olsen; Anita Lunding
Jean-Marc Malasoma; Niels Malasoma
Shunki Kitsunai; Woorim Cho; Chihiro Sano; Supat Saetia; Zixuan Qin; Yasuharu Koike; Mattia Frasca; Natsue Yoshimura; Ludovico Minati
N. Stankevich; A. Kazakov; S. Gonchenko
S. Kumari; R. Chugh
Kun Tian; Hai-Peng Ren; Celso Grebogi
Vasileios Basios; Chris G. Antonopoulos; Anouchah Latifi
Semyon Malykh; Yuliya Bakhanova; Alexey Kazakov; Krishna Pusuluri; Andrey Shilnikov
Pierre Gaspard
Christopher E. Gonzalez; Claudia Lainscsek; Terrence J. Sejnowski; Christophe Letellier
Tianfeng Lu; Hongxiang Wang; Yuefeng Ji
Vagner dos Santos; Fernando S. Borges; Kelly C. Iarosz; Iberê L. Caldas; J. D. Szezech; Ricardo L. Viana; Murilo S. Baptista; Antonio M. Batista
Lixiong Lin; Peixin Wu; Yanjie Chen; Bingwei He
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