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Dissipative Quantum Chaos

Research bridging the theory of classical dissipative chaos with open quantum systems is advancing at an increasing pace. It is not only important for the quantum science community; it will also give new and fresh perspectives to researchers working in the field of classical dissipative chaos. This Focus Issue seeks to give a comprehensive overview of the field along the following three directions: spectral theory of dissipative quantum chaos and its relations to classical dissipative chaos, new quantum generalizations of the concept of Lyapunov exponents, and quantum synchronization.

Guest Editors: Sergey Denisov, Mikhail Ivanchenko, and Sergej Flach

V. Volokitin; I. Meyerov; S. Denisov
I. I. Yusipov; M. V. Ivanchenko
Tomaž Prosen
Juzar Thingna; Daniel Manzano
Xiansong Xu; Dario Poletti
Dariusz Chruściński
Stefan Lange; Carsten Timm
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