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Catalytic Properties of Model Supported Nanoparticles

Recent advances in experimental synthesis and UHV/in situ/operando characterization mean that supported metal nanoclusters and clusters can be created with controlled size, shape and composition, and their catalytic properties can be explored with ever increasing precision. Advances in simulation techniques also mean that such clusters can be "synthesized" in a computer with increasing accuracy and realism in terms of structure, stability, and function. This along with their unique properties and huge potential for applications in areas such as catalysis, electrocatalysis, and photocatalysis mean that it is an exciting time for the field of supported metal nanoclusters.

Guest Editors: Charles Campbell, Núria López, Štefan Vajda

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Charles T. Campbell; Núria López; Stefan Vajda
Christopher D. Evans; Mark Douthwaite; James H. Carter; Samuel Pattisson; Simon A. Kondrat; Donald Bethell; David W. Knight; Stuart H. Taylor; Graham J. Hutchings
Tej S. Choksi; Verena Streibel; Frank Abild-Pedersen
Verena Streibel; Tej S. Choksi; Frank Abild-Pedersen
Avik Halder; Sungsik Lee; Bing Yang; Michael J. Pellin; Stefan Vajda; Zhanyong Li; Ying Yang; Omar K. Farha; Joseph T. Hupp
Brett T. Young; Md Afjal Khan Pathan; Tao Jiang; Duy Le; Nikki Marrow; Trong Nguyen; Cody E. Jordan; Talat S. Rahman; Denisia M. Popolan-Vaida; Mihai E. Vaida
Rebecca Hamlyn; Mausumi Mahapatra; Ivan Orozco; Adrian Hunt; Iradwikanari Waluyo; Michael G. White; Sanjaya D. Senanayake; José Rodriguez
D. Schmidt; GG. Asara; F. Baletto
Moon-Hyung Jang; Orhan Kizilkaya; A. Jeremy Kropf; Richard L. Kurtz; Jeffrey W. Elam; Yu Lei
Maximilian Krause; Marian D. Rötzer; Andrew S. Crampton; Maximilian Huber; Ueli Heiz
Amy J. Brandt; Thathsara D. Maddumapatabandi; Deependra M. Shakya; Kangmin Xie; Grant S. Seuser; Sharfa Farzandh; Donna A. Chen
Jing Zhu; Sulei Hu; Zhenhua Zeng; Wei-Xue Li
Nobuyuki Fukui; Hisato Yasumatsu
A. S. Ansari; Zhao-Ying Chern; Pei-Yang Cai; Yen-Wen Huang; Guan-Jr Liao; Jeng-Han Wang; Meng-Fan Luo
Zhenyu Bo; Lauren R. McCullough; Samuel Dull; M. Alexander Ardagh; Jie Wang; Justin Notestein
Yaroslava Lykhach; Jan Kubát; Armin Neitzel; Nataliya Tsud; Mykhailo Vorokhta; Tomáš Skála; Filip Dvořák; Yuliia Kosto; Kevin C. Prince; Vladimír Matolín; Viktor Johánek; Josef Mysliveček; Jörg Libuda
Geng Sun; Anastassia N. Alexandrova; Philippe Sautet
Haoran Chen; Wenhui Rong; Zhichao Huang; Zhantao Peng; Zhen Xu; Junyi Zhou; Bin Di; Xiong Zhou; Kai Wu
Peter S. Rice; P. Hu
Si-Da Huang; Cheng Shang; Zhi-Pan Liu
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