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Chemical Physics of Ionic Liquids

Over the past several decades, ionic liquids have progressed from being a curiosity to one of the most studied materials in physical sciences today. This tremendous attention from researchers across many fields arises from emerging applications of ionic liquids in synthesis (templated nanomaterial synthesis, biowaste processing), engineering (lubrication, damping, heat transfer), and electrochemical devices (batteries, supercapacitors), amongst others. As these applications mature, the need for detailed understanding and predictive capability becomes progressively more important. Responding to this need, a great deal of effort is now being invested in resolving molecular-scale details of structure, dynamics, and interactions in ionic liquids. This chemical physics of ionic liquids is a rich and diverse field, employing many experimental and theoretical approaches and extending its reach toward understanding a widening array of ionic materials. This special topic brings together an exciting collection of articles representing the vigorous current activity in the field. Many leading experimental and theoretical groups are represented among the authors as well as young investigators recently entering the field. We are delighted to present this special topic and hope that newcomers to the field and experienced contributors alike will find interest and inspiration from the articles collected here.

Guest Editors: Susan Perkin, Barbara Kirchner and Michael D. Fayer

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Susan Perkin; Barbara Kirchner; Michael D. Fayer
Chip J. Smith, II; Sascha Gehrke; Oldamur Hollóczki; Durgesh V. Wagle; Mark P. Heitz; Gary A. Baker
R. M. Lynden-Bell; E. L. Quitevis
Anne Strate; Jan Neumann; Viviane Overbeck; Anne-Marie Bonsa; Dirk Michalik; Dietmar Paschek; Ralf Ludwig
Diana C. V. Belchior; Tânia E. Sintra; Pedro J. Carvalho; Mário R. C. Soromenho; José M. S. S. Esperança; Sónia P. M. Ventura; Robin D. Rogers; João A. P. Coutinho; Mara G. Freire
Chariz Peñalber-Johnstone; Gabriela Adamová; Natalia V. Plechkova; Maryam Bahrami; Tahereh Ghaed-Sharaf; Mohammad Hadi Ghatee; Kenneth R. Seddon; Steven Baldelli
Emilie Bordes; Laurent Douce; Edward L. Quitevis; Agílio A. H. Pádua; Margarida Costa Gomes
Suman Das; Biswaroop Mukherjee; Ranjit Biswas
Emmy C. Wijaya; Frances Separovic; Calum J. Drummond; Tamar L. Greaves
Maximilian Hovestadt; Johannes Schwegler; Peter S. Schulz; Martin Hartmann
Andreas Nazet; Richard Buchner
Zoe L. Seeger; Rika Kobayashi; Ekaterina I. Izgorodina
Dengpan Dong; Jenel P. Vatamanu; Xiaoyu Wei; Dmitry Bedrov
Tuanan C. Lourenço; Yong Zhang; Luciano T. Costa; Edward J. Maginn
Eva Perlt; Promit Ray; Andreas Hansen; Friedrich Malberg; Stefan Grimme; Barbara Kirchner
Fei Wu; Changhui Xu; Claudio J. Margulis
Jiannan Liu; Jon A. L. Willcox; Hyung J. Kim
Matheus Girotto; Rodrigo M. Malossi; Alexandre P. dos Santos; Yan Levin
Jan Neumann; Benjamin Golub; Lisa-Marie Odebrecht; Ralf Ludwig; Dietmar Paschek
Ryan Stefanovic; Grant B. Webber; Alister J. Page
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