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Adhesion and Friction

The details of the contact between two surfaces determine their interaction strength, adhesion, and the resistance against relative motion, the friction. Friction is estimated to be responsible for ∼20% of the world's energy consumption and is consequently relevant across a wide range of technologies and scientific disciplines, as is adhesion. However, predicting both friction and adhesion remains very difficult due to the interplay of many length scales. Recent developments in both experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches provide increasingly detailed information on the origins of friction and adhesion with unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution. This much improved understanding has also led to novel designs of interfaces and surfaces with specifically tailored properties. Notably, large progress has been made in the understanding of the role of water and humidity for adhesion and friction in biological and natural systems.

Guest Editors: Bo Persson, Daniel Bonn, Ali Dhinojwala, and Kathryn Wahl with JCP Editor Mischa Bonn

Special Collection Image
Yixuan Zhang; Lei Wang; Xueying Zhao; Huige Yang; Jie Liu; Jianjun Wang
Łukasz Baran; Luis G. MacDowell
S. Z. Wattel; J.-F. Molinari
C. Müller; M. H. Müser
Wencke Krings; Stanislav N. Gorb
Kurt R. VanDonselaar; Daniel A. Bellido-Aguilar; Maryam Safaripour; Hyemin Kim; James J. Watkins; Alfred J. Crosby; Dean C. Webster; Andrew B. Croll
Md Mahmudul Hasan; Alison C. Dunn
Shiyuan Hu; Fanlong Meng; Masao Doi
Xingchen Shao; Yumo Wang; Joelle Frechette
C. M. Seed; B. Acharya; N. Nunn; A. I. Smirnov; J. Krim
Meng Li; Preetika Karnal; Yinan Lu; Chung-Yuen Hui; Anand Jagota
Yang Liu; Xinyu Liu; Zhaoyang Zhang; Jinzhong Lu; Yufeng Wang; Kun Xu; Hao Zhu; Bo Wang; Liqu Lin; Wei Xue
Jan Mees; Thomas C. O’Connor; Lars Pastewka
Johannes L. Hörmann; Liu Chenxu (刘宸旭); Meng Yonggang (孟永钢); Lars Pastewka
B. N. J. Persson; E. C. Tyrode
Felix Cassin; Rachid Hahury; Thibault Lançon; Steve Franklin; Bart Weber
N. Miyashita; A. E. Yakini; W. Pyckhout-Hintzen; B. N. J. Persson
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