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Conference Collection: PACSURF 2018

This is a collection of papers presented at the AVS Pacific Rim Symposium on Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces (PacSurf 2018) which was held on the Big Island of Hawaii from December 2–6, 2018. This conference is organized by AVS (United States) with a Steering Committee composed of representatives from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. The main topics for PacSurf 2018 focused on the latest advances in Biomaterial Surfaces & Interfaces, Energy Harvesting & Storage, Nanomaterials, Plasma Processing, and Thin Films. Papers are published in JVST A, JVST B and Biointerphases from this meeting.

Image credit: Jae Young Kim, Sun Young Lee, Dae Won Moon, Ji-Won Park, Dong-Kwon Lim, and Cheol Song, Biointerphases 14(4),, (2019).

Special Collection Image
Marvin M. Mecwan; Michael J. Taylor; Daniel J. Graham; Buddy D. Ratner
Elisa Meriggio; Rémi Lazzari; Christophe Méthivier; Pascal David; Stéphane Chenot; Xavier Carrier; Gregory Cabailh; Vincent Humblot
Naofumi Ohtsu; Taisuke Kuji; Mitsuhiro Hirano; Kako Yamasaki
Jae Young Kim; Sun Young Lee; Dae Won Moon; Ji-Won Park; Dong-Kwon Lim; Cheol Song
Petr Novotný; H. Henry Lamb
Hui Liu; Jian-Fu Tang; Xiaojian Wang; Wei Li; Chi-Lung Chang
Haruyuki Matsuyama; Shun-ichi Gomi; Jun Nakamura
Emily Mariner; Stephanie L. Haag; Matthew T. Bernards
Yoji Yasuda; Yoichi Hoshi; Shin-ichi Kobayashi; Takayuki Uchida; Yutaka Sawada; Meihan Wang; Hao Lei
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