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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)

This Special Topic Collection features articles on the most recent developments and experimental studies in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS). The collection includes papers presented at the SIMS 23 Conference held in Minneapolis, MN, USA from September 18 – 23, 2022, as well as other SIMS research articles that were not presented at the conference but were submitted to the collection. This collection features SIMS articles related to biomaterials, biology, or the biointerface.

Hyun Kyong Shon; Jin Gyeong Son; Sun Young Lee; Jeong Hee Moon; Ga Seul Lee; Kyoung-Shim Kim; Tae Geol Lee
Alessandro Auditore; Nunzio Tuccitto; Giuseppe Grasso; Olivier Monasson; Elisa Peroni; Antonino Licciardello
Heba Khateb; Andrew L. Hook; Stefanie Kern; Julie A. Watts; Sonali Singh; Darryl Jackson; Luisa Marinez-Pomares; Paul Williams; Morgan R. Alexander
Michael J. Taylor; Hoshin Kim; William Kew; Amity Andersen; Arunima Bhattacharjee; Mark H. Engelhard; Christopher R. Anderton
Xavier Delvaux; Céline Noël; Yves Poumay; Laurent Houssiau
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