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Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems

The topic we are addressing in this special issue of Applied Physics Reviews is the most essential to defend the raising world temperature. With recent and ongoing developments in photovoltaic and wind turbine technologies, the base is given to widen the scope for a holistic view on the transformation of the energy systems. This requires considering even more technologies, namely, batteries and energy-efficient buildings.

Guest Editor: Andreas W. Bett

Special Collection Image
Andreas W. Bett
Ralf Preu; Elmar Lohmüller; Sabrina Lohmüller; Pierre Saint-Cast; Johannes M. Greulich
Martin Hermle; Frank Feldmann; Martin Bivour; Jan Christoph Goldschmidt; Stefan W. Glunz
K. Rohrig; V. Berkhout; D. Callies; M. Durstewitz; S. Faulstich; B. Hahn; M. Jung; L. Pauscher; A. Seibel; M. Shan; M. Siefert; J. Steffen; M. Collmann; S. Czichon; M. Dörenkämper; J. Gottschall; B. Lange; A. Ruhle; F. Sayer; B. Stoevesandt; J. Wenske
L. Millet; A. Berrueta; M. Bruch; N. Reiners; M. Vetter
Christoph Kost; Andreas Palzer; Philip Sterchele; Cyril Stephanos; Niklas Hartmann; Hans-Martin Henning
Michael Powalla; Stefan Paetel; Erik Ahlswede; Roland Wuerz; Cordula D. Wessendorf; Theresa Magorian Friedlmeier
M. Wiesenfarth; I. Anton; A. W. Bett
Gesa A. Benndorf; Dominik Wystrcil; Nicolas Réhault
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