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Quantum Computing

Quantum computers offer key advantages over conventional computers for solving certain important classes of problems with applications in areas including quantum cryptography, quantum simulation and optimization. Over the past two decades intensive research has led to experimental realization of qubits in a number of materials and optical systems and now development of qubit coupling protocols and multi-qubit architectures is well-advanced in a number of these systems. This Focus Issue covers progress in quantum computer development in the key platforms including superconductors, ion traps, quantum dots, donors, photons and topological states.

Guest Editors: Jeffrey C. McCallum and Christopher J. K. Richardson

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I. Hansen; A. E. Seedhouse; K. W. Chan; F. E. Hudson; K. M. Itoh; A. Laucht; A. Saraiva; C. H. Yang; A. S. Dzurak
J. C. McCallum; B. C. Johnson; T. Botzem
Sébastien Pezzagna; Jan Meijer
Yasuhiko Arakawa; Mark J. Holmes
Sergei Slussarenko; Geoff J. Pryde
P. Krantz; M. Kjaergaard; F. Yan; T. P. Orlando; S. Gustavsson; W. D. Oliver
Colin D. Bruzewicz; John Chiaverini; Robert McConnell; Jeremy M. Sage
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