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Ion Beam Enabled Nanoscale Fabrication, Surface Patterning and Self-Assembly

Intrinsic spatial resolution and available choice of ion species, energy and fluence offer unique options for nano-scale fabrication of tailored 3D features, structures and patterns, enabling advances in plasmonics, bio-sensors, semiconductor devices, and other fields. Tools available include beam writing/lithography with <1nm beam size, cluster ion beam facilities, surface irradiation systems to promote self-organized patterning, and high energy sources for 3D effects.

Essential for future creative applications of these techniques is comprehensive understanding and predictive modeling of all ion beam-solid interactions. Papers in this Issue review the current status of such knowledge, and outline remarkable scientific pathways that have led to promising future prospects.

Guest Editor: John Baglin

Special Collection Image
J. E. E. Baglin
M. Kang; R. S. Goldman
Noriaki Toyoda; Buddhi Tilakaratne; Iram Saleem; Wei-Kan Chu
Hans Hofsäss; Omar Bobes
Scott A. Norris; Michael J. Aziz
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