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Flexible and Smart Electronics

"Flexible electronics" is emerging as a highly interdisciplinary and disruptive technology that has been drawing significant attention from multiple fields. It mainly means depositing organic, inorganic, and organic-inorganic composite (hybrid) materials on flexible substrates (represented by plastic) to form electronic (optoelectronic, photonic) components and their integrated systems. Apparently, flexible electronics surpasses classical electronic systems in the ability to retain performance under various kinds of mechanical deformations, thus exhibiting potential in achieving flexible, stretchable, deformable, portable, lightweight, and wearable (opto-)electronic devices such as organic light-emitting diodes, organic photovoltaics, organic field-effect transistors, organic semiconductor lasers, bioelectronics, sensors, energy storage and conversion devices, etc. The progress in this field is of great significance for making electronics "smart." Specifically, it will promote advanced materials science and technology, the design and integration of electronic devices in the post-Moorish era, leading to revolutions in the electronic industry, and paradigm shift in medicare and healthcare technologies, etc.

Guest Editors: Fengxia Geng, Wei Huang, Wei Gao, and Wen-Yong Lai

Special Collection Image
Gengming Zhang; Yunchao Xu; Mustafa Haider; Jia Sun; Dingke Zhang; Junliang Yang
Nan Gan; Xin Zou; Yushan Zhang; Long Gu; Zhongfu An
Jian Zhou; Yihao Guo; Yong Wang; Zhangbin Ji; Qian Zhang; Fenglin Zhuo; Jingting Luo; Ran Tao; Jin Xie; Julien Reboud; Glen McHale; Shurong Dong; Jikui Luo; Huigao Duan; Yongqing Fu
Sen Chen; Ziliang Cui; Hongzhang Wang; Xuelin Wang; Jing Liu
Chuqiao Hu; Zhijian Du; Zhongming Wei; La Li; Guozhen Shen
Ariel J. Lee; Wenbo Wang; Jia Liu
Xuecheng He; Wenyu Wang; Shijie Yang; Feilong Zhang; Zhen Gu; Bing Dai; Tailin Xu; Yan Yan Shery Huang; Xueji Zhang
Weidong Cai; Chaoyang Kuang; Tianjun Liu; Yuequn Shang; Jia Zhang; Jiajun Qin; Feng Gao
Luhing Hu; Beom Jin Kim; Seunghyeon Ji; Juyeong Hong; Ajit K. Katiyar; Jong-Hyun Ahn
Surabhi R. Madhvapathy; Hany M. Arafa; Manish Patel; Joshua Winograd; Jessy Kong; Jason Zhu; Shuai Xu; John A. Rogers
Gaozhan Xie; Jiangchao Wang; Xudong Xue; Hui Li; Ningning Guo; Huanhuan Li; Danbei Wang; Mingguang Li; Wei Huang; Runfeng Chen; Ye Tao
Wei Xu; Jingxin Wang; Simin Cheng; Xiaomin Xu
Jing Xu; Trinny Tat; Xun Zhao; Yihao Zhou; Diantha Ngo; Xiao Xiao; Jun Chen
Chansul Park; Min Su Kim; Hye Hyun Kim; Sung-Hyuk Sunwoo; Dong Jun Jung; Moon Kee Choi; Dae-Hyeong Kim
Yumeng Xu; Zhenhua Lin; Jincheng Zhang; Yue Hao; Jianyong Ouyang; Shengzhong Liu; Jingjing Chang
Ye Zeng; Jin Liang; Jiaxian Zheng; Zihao Huang; Xiaoyi Zhang; Guoyin Zhu; Zhoucheng Wang; Hanfeng Liang; Yi-Zhou Zhang
Yanting Gong; Yi-Zhou Zhang; Shiqiang Fang; Chen Liu; Jian Niu; Guanjun Li; Fang Li; Xiangchun Li; Tao Cheng; Wen-Yong Lai
Ivan B. Dimov; Armin Sautter; Wilfried Lövenich; Christian Neumann; George G. Malliaras
Yan Xuan; Hyuga Hara; Satoko Honda; Yanpeng Li; Yusuke Fujita; Takayuki Arie; Seiji Akita; Kuniharu Takei
Dongdong Li; Yuan Gao; Chuan Xie; Zijian Zheng
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