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Dark matter detection with quantum materials and devices

This collection covers experimental and theoretical papers exploring new approaches of detecting dark matter candidates (e.g. axions) based on interactions with quantum materials and devices. Careful studies of excitations in various solid state quantum systems, often under extreme or controlled conditions such as low temperatures, high magnetic fields, low radiation or low noise background, could help constrain or set new limits on the types of dark matter candidates (especially "wave-like" candidates) and their interaction mechanisms and coupling strengths with conventional matter. The collection also includes some contributions on related or complementary approaches and broader discussions on the applications of novel quantum condensed matter and devices on precision or sensitive measurements for nuclear/particle physics, astrophysics/cosmology and other fundamental physics investigations.

Organizing Editor: Yong Chen

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Reza Ebadi; Mason C. Marshall; David F. Phillips; Johannes Cremer; Tao Zhou; Michael Titze; Pauli Kehayias; Maziar Saleh Ziabari; Nazar Delegan; Surjeet Rajendran; Alexander O. Sushkov; F. Joseph Heremans; Edward S. Bielejec; Martin V. Holt; Ronald L. Walsworth
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