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Perovskite Photonics

Solid-state perovskites have rapidly emerged as one of the most interesting and promising materials in the area of photonics. The rich combination of a wide range of material species and structural variations offers new fundamental science on light-matter interactions, including charge transport, photoexcited carriers versus excitons, exciton binding energies, ferroelectric properties, and magnetic field effects etc. In the meantime, as cost-effective solution-processable semiconductors, it has also revolutionized various areas of photonics devices, including photovoltaics, lighting, lasing, detecting and so on. This special topic aims to capture the most exciting advances in the perovskite photonics field, promoting high impact applications.

Guest Editors: Xiaoming Wen, Joseph Berry, and APL Photonics Editor Baohua Jia

Special Collection Image
Yinjuan Ren; Chunyang Miao; Likuan Feng; Ziming Wang; Shengli Liu; Peiran Chen; Yuting Wu; Yue Wang
Pengfei Xia; Shuhong Xu; Chunlei Wang; Dayan Ban
Sang Yoon Lee; Geonho Lee; Do Yeob Kim; Seong Hyun Jang; In Choi; Jongwook Park; Hyung-Ki Park; Jae Woong Jung; Kwan Hyun Cho; Jun Choi
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