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Integrated Quantum Photonics

The realization of scalable, real world devices in quantum technologies and devices requires myriad new approaches and hardware components. Integrated photonics play a crucial role in many of the key applications in quantum information and quantum sensing, enabling the realization of key components such as new light sources, waveguides, resonators, and detectors. The field of Integrated Quantum Photonics is booming, and an increasing number of research groups are contributing to the accelerating efforts to study fundamental and technological challenges at the intersection of quantum optics, nanophotonics, and hybrid integrated devices. This Special Topic collection is dedicated to highlighting important progress in the field of Integrated Quantum Photonics and presenting new cutting-edge results, both experimental and theoretical, towards the common goal of exploring quantum photonic phenomena.

Guest Editors: Professor Igor Aharonovich, Dr. Andrea Blanco-Redondo, Dr. Alex S. Clark and APL Photonics Editors Christelle Monat and Benjamin Eggleton

Special Collection Image
Alex S. Clark; Andrea Blanco-Redondo; Igor Aharonovich
Philipp Fuchs; Thomas Jung; Michael Kieschnick; Jan Meijer; Christoph Becher
Kyu-Young Kim; Christopher J. K. Richardson; Edo Waks; Je-Hyung Kim
Xiruo Yan; Sebastian Gitt; Becky Lin; Donald Witt; Mahssa Abdolahi; Abdelrahman Afifi; Adan Azem; Adam Darcie; Jingda Wu; Kashif Awan; Matthew Mitchell; Andreas Pfenning; Lukas Chrostowski; Jeff F. Young
B. A. Bell; I. A. Walmsley
Will McCutcheon
Peter Schnauber; Jan Große; Arsenty Kaganskiy; Maximilian Ott; Pavel Anikin; Ronny Schmidt; Sven Rodt; Stephan Reitzenstein
Oliver F. Thomas; Will McCutcheon; Dara P. S. McCutcheon
S. Rodt; S. Reitzenstein
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