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Magnetoelectric Materials, Phenomena, and Devices

Voltage-control of magnetism has been considered and proven to be an efficient actuation protocol to boost energy efficiency in a widespread range of devices. In the context of potential applications, the area of information and communication technologies (from spintronics and memory devices to neuromorphic computing) will be of special interest. This Special Topic demonstrates the state of the art and exemplifies the recent advances in the field of magnetoelectric materials and systems, and brings together scholars from different scientific disciplines (including physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, etc.) representing all aspects of magneto-electric materials, from fundamentals to applications.

Guest Editors: Karin Leistner, Jordi Sort, Liza Herrera Díez, and Robert Kruk

Special Collection Image
Liza Herrera Diez; Robert Kruk; Karin Leistner; Jordi Sort
Xianfeng Liang; Huaihao Chen; Nian X. Sun
Youdi Gu; Cheng Song; Qian Wang; Weijin Hu; Wei Liu; Feng Pan; Zhidong Zhang
Zhuhua Mo; Guo Tian; Wenda Yang; Shuai Ning; Caroline A. Ross; Xingsen Gao; Junming Liu
Sami Vasala; Lambert Alff; Oliver Clemens
M. Gößler; S. Topolovec; H. Krenn; R. Würschum
N. T. Ngoc; G. Agnus; S. Matzen; T. Maroutian; D. T. Huong Giang; P. Lecoeur
V. Rouco; F. Gallego; D. Hernandez-Martin; D. Sanchez-Manzano; J. Tornos; J. I. Beltran; M. Cabero; F. Cuellar; D. Arias; G. Sanchez-Santolino; F. J. Mompean; M. Garcia-Hernandez; A. Rivera-Calzada; M. Varela; M. C. Muñoz; C. Leon; Z. Sefrioui; J. Santamaria
Benjamin Spetzler; Jingxiang Su; Ron-Marco Friedrich; Florian Niekiel; Simon Fichtner; Fabian Lofink; Franz Faupel
M. Nichterwitz; S. Honnali; M. Kutuzau; S. Guo; J. Zehner; K. Nielsch; K. Leistner
Aliona Nicolenco; Muireann de h-Óra; Chao Yun; Judith MacManus-Driscoll; Jordi Sort
Farnaz Safi Samghabadi; Long Chang; Mohammad Khodadadi; Karen S Martirosyan; Dmitri Litvinov
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