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Materials Challenges for Supercapacitors

Supercapacitors are considered as one of the most important candidates in the domain of energy storage devices for the forthcoming generations. These devices, known for high power density and long cycle life, have earned their significance in numerous applications (in portable electronics, automobile vehicles, stationary power stations and backup power supplies, etc.) This Special Topic of APL Materials entitled "Materials Challenges for Supercapacitors" covers recent advances in supercapacitors such as electrical-double-layer supercapacitors (EDLCs), pseudocapacitors and new configurations for hybrid supercapacitors. This Special Topic also highlights materials development and challenges, with a focus on electrode materials, electrolytes, interfaces, and rational design targeted towards high-performance supercapacitors.

Guest Editors: Magda Titirici, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Céline Merlet, Aiping Yu, Yihua Gao, and John Wang

Special Collection Image
Hyun-Kyung Kim; Aiping Yu; Magda Titirici; Céline Merlet; Yihua Gao; John Wang
Kenneth G. Latham; Anjali Achazhiyath Edathil; Babak Rezaei; Sihui Liu; Sang Nguyen; Stephan Sylvest Keller; Felice Torrisi; Emile S. Greenhalgh; Maria‐Magdalena Titirici
Jeong Han Lee; Young Lok Cha; Yong-Mook Kang; Kwang Chul Roh
Matilde Eredia; Sebastiano Bellani; Marilena I. Zappia; Luca Gabatel; Valerio Galli; Ahmad Bagheri; Hossein Beydaghi; Gabriele Bianca; Irene Conticello; Vittorio Pellegrini; Francesco Bonaccorso
Chunli Liu; Dezhi Li; Licheng Wang; Liwei Li; Kai Wang
Shofarul Wustoni; Georgios Nikiforidis; Sahika Inal; Yuli Setyo Indartono; Veinardi Suendo; Brian Yuliarto
Syedah Afsheen Zahra; Babak Anasori; Muhammad Z. Iqbal; Florent Ravaux; Mohammednoor Al Tarawneh; Syed Rizwan
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