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Light Emission from Perovskite Materials

This special issue provides a comprehensive overview on recent advances in light emission in metal-halide perovskite semiconductor materials. This includes LED research and beyond, as well as light emission, optical properties, and lasing. It considers studies from an interdisciplinary perspective which integrate materials science, physics, chemistry, and engineering. The selected articles give a state-of-the-art overview of the progress over the last several years in this emerging technology and highlight promising directions of these perovskite semiconductors for light emission.

Guest Editors: Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Jianpu Wang, Dan Congreve, Robert Hoye and Azhar Fakharuddin

Special Collection Image
Robert L. Z. Hoye; Azhar Fakharuddin; Daniel N. Congreve; Jianpu Wang; Lukas Schmidt-Mende
Menghui Luo; Yuanzhi Jiang; Tingwei He; Mingjian Yuan
Bo Sun; Ying Xu; Yonghua Chen; Wei Huang
William B. Gunnarsson; Barry P. Rand
Cong Tai Trinh; Duong Nguyen Minh; Van Long Nguyen; Kwang Jun Ahn; Youngjong Kang; Kwang-Geol Lee
Isaac Suárez; Thomas Wood; Juan P. Martinez Pastor; Dario Balestri; Simona Checcucci; Thomas David; Luc Favre; Jean-Benoît Claude; David Grosso; Andrés F. Gualdrón-Reyes; Iván Mora-Seró; Marco Abbarchi; Massimo Gurioli
A. G. Ricciardulli; B. van der Zee; K. Philipps; G. A. H. Wetzelaer; R.-Q. Png; P. K. H. Ho; L.-L. Chua; Paul W. M. Blom
Michael Worku; Liang-Jin Xu; Maya Chaaban; Azza Ben-Akacha; Biwu Ma
Yongtao Liu; Mingxing Li; Miaosheng Wang; Liam Collins; Anton V. Ievlev; Stephen Jesse; Kai Xiao; Bin Hu; Alex Belianinov; Olga S. Ovchinnikova
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