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Advances in Organic Solar Cells

In recent years, the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cells has increased significantly. New donor-acceptor molecules lead to high performing solar cells. In this special issue we will provide a comprehensive overview over the advances in the field of organic solar cells. This includes aspects of materials, compositions, morphology, device physics and understanding. It will consider studies from an interdisciplinary perspective which integrate material science, engineering, physics and chemistry. The selected articles will give a state-of-the-art overview of the progress over the last several years in this emerging technology and will highlight promising direction of organic solar cells.

Guest Editors: Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Stefan Kraner, Matthew White, and Koen Vandewal

Special Collection Image
L. Schmidt-Mende; S. Kraner; M. White; K. Vandewal
Irfan Habib; Pascal Kaienburg; Dondong Xia; Olivia Gough; Ming Zhu; Joseph Spruce; Weiwei Li; Moritz Riede
Anna Jungbluth; Pascal Kaienburg; Andreas E. Lauritzen; Thomas Derrien; Moritz Riede
Manasi Pranav; Thomas Hultzsch; Artem Musiienko; Bowen Sun; Atul Shukla; Frank Jaiser; Safa Shoaee; Dieter Neher
Timo Raab; Tobias Seewald; Stefan Kraner; Lukas Schmidt-Mende
Franziska H. Hasenburg; Kun-Han Lin; Bas van der Zee; Paul W. M. Blom; Denis Andrienko; Gert-Jan A. H. Wetzelaer
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