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Advanced Materials and Devices for Medical Applications

Rapidly increasing capabilities for non-invasive monitoring of physical and chemical parameters related to the state of the human body and emerging means for continuously providing various forms of intervention have strong potential to improve the quality of life. The development of functional materials and devices, as well as some unusual, enabling features in engineering design (flexibility, biocompatibility, dissolvability, programmability), promises to enable revolutionary advances in schemes for monitoring and intervention. This special topic will capture recent progress in functional materials and devices in this context. Works on materials development for advanced functionality toward monitoring and intervention with device platforms are particularly welcomed. Interdisciplinary research (including materials science, physics, chemistry, medical and electrical engineering, etc.) will also be of special interest.

Guest Editors: Qijie Liang, Sei Kwang Hahn, and John A. Rogers

Special Collection Image
Qijie Liang; Sei Kwang Hahn; John A. Rogers
Nicholas J. Rommelfanger; Guosong Hong
Hee Seung Wang; Tae Hong Im; Young Bin Kim; Sang Hyun Sung; Seongwook Min; Sang Hyun Park; Han Eol Lee; Chang Kyu Jeong; Jung Hwan Park; Keon Jae Lee
Irfan Shabbir; Najaf Rubab; Tae Whan Kim; Sang-Woo Kim
Alexander J. Boys; Róisín M. Owens
Xin Jiang; Ruoran Chen; Hongwei Zhu
Xin Zhang; Feng Wang
M. Lee; W. Park; H. Son; J. Seo; O. Kwon; S. Oh; M. G. Hahm; U. J. Kim; B. Cho
Chuanyue Sun; Chengyi Hou; Hui Zhang; Yaogang Li; Qinghong Zhang; Hongzhi Wang
Ke Yan; Jiean Li; Lijia Pan; Yi Shi
Qian Zhang; Qijie Liang; John A. Rogers
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