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Science and Technology of 3D Magnetic Nanostructures

Over many decades, research on magnetic materials has focused on two dimensions, leading to a wealth of new physics, and technological applications. Recently, the focus has shifted towards artificial three-dimensional magnetic systems that derive from the accomplishments in lower dimensions. In this Special Topic of APL Materials, we invite authors to submit research in the developing field of 3D nanomagnetism, with its scope covering fundamental phenomena occurring in 3D nanomagnetic systems, materials advances and challenges, and potential technological applications, including devices. This issue will yield a treasure chest of valuable research pieces for the magnetism community and beyond.

Guest Editors: Sam Ladak, Amalio Fernandez-Pacheco, and Peter Fischer

Special Collection Image
S. Ladak; A. Fernández-Pacheco; P. Fischer
Filipp N. Rybakov; Nikolai S. Kiselev; Aleksandr B. Borisov; Lukas Döring; Christof Melcher; Stefan Blügel
J. A. Fernandez-Roldan; O. Chubykalo-Fesenko
P. Bassirian; T. Hesjedal; S. S. P. Parkin; K. Litzius
Petai Pip; Samuel Treves; Jamie R. Massey; Simone Finizio; Zhaochu Luo; Aleš Hrabec; Valerio Scagnoli; Jörg Raabe; Laetitia Philippe; Laura J. Heyderman; Claire Donnelly
R. Negrello; F. Montoncello; M. T. Kaffash; M. B. Jungfleisch; G. Gubbiotti
Katarzyna A. Kotus; Mathieu Moalic; Matusz Zelent; Maciej Krawczyk; Pawel Gruszecki
K. Sobucki; M. Krawczyk; O. Tartakivska; P. Graczyk
M. Küß; F. Porrati; A. Hörner; M. Weiler; M. Albrecht; M. Huth; A. Wixforth
Vuk Brajuskovic; Arthur McCray; Yuepeng Zhang; Charudatta Phatak
Rajgowrav Cheenikundil; Julien Bauer; Mehrdad Goharyan; Massimiliano d’Aquino; Riccardo Hertel
Andrii S. Savchenko; Vladyslav M. Kuchkin; Filipp N. Rybakov; Stefan Blügel; Nikolai S. Kiselev
J. Askey; M. Hunt; W. Langbein; S. Ladak
Michalis Charilaou
V. M. Kuchkin; N. S. Kiselev
Andrii S. Savchenko; Fengshan Zheng; Nikolai S. Kiselev; Luyan Yang; Filipp N. Rybakov; Stefan Blügel; Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski
Trevor P. Almeida; Alvaro Palomino; Steven Lequeux; Victor Boureau; Olivier Fruchart; Ioan Lucian Prejbeanu; Bernard Dieny; David Cooper
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