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2D Magnetic Materials and Devices

Magnetism has revolutionized a wide spectrum of technologies such as data storage and biomedical imaging and continues to bring forth new phenomena in emergent materials of reduced dimensionalities. Furthermore, the seamless integration of 2D magnets with dissimilar electronic and photonic 2D materials, backed by the already mature techniques on high-quality van der Waals heterostructure constructions, opens up remarkable opportunities for a plethora of designer quantum heterostructures with previously inaccessible magnetoelectric and magneto-optical properties. This special topic in APL Materials is devoted to research perspectives and reports on recent advances in material innovations on new 2D magnets.

Guest Editors: Jing Xia, Cheng Gong, and Zi Qiang Qiu

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L. K. Rodenbach; I. T. Rosen; E. J. Fox; Peng Zhang; Lei Pan; Kang L. Wang; M. A. Kastner; D. Goldhaber-Gordon
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