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Complex Systems and Inter/Transdisciplinary Research

Complex systems are made up of many components that interact with each other and non-linearity in the dynamics plays an essential role. The interesting properties of these systems arise as a result of the interaction of these components and cannot be studied by observing only a small part of the system. The large number of these makes fluctuations an inherent part of their dynamics. One of the notable characteristics of these systems is that order can arise spontaneously, which is called self-organization, and that "in practice", the present does not always determine the future (as Newton teaches), regardless of the number of computers we have available. This is what we call CHAOS. There are diverse examples of complex systems, such as the Earth's global climate, disordered materials, social organizations, the human brain, transportation and communication systems, and air turbulence, essential in the airline industry.

This Focus Issue is published in connection with the second International Workshop on Statistical Physics (IWOSP), which was held in Antofagasta, Chile, in December 2021. .

Guest Editors: Orazio Descalzi, Sergio Curilef, Luisberis Velazquez, and Victor Muñoz

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O. Descalzi; S. Curilef; L. Velazquez; V. Muñoz
Daniel Escaff
Pedro Pessoa
Wei Dong; Shuqing Zhang; Xiaowen Zhang; Wanlu Jiang; Liguo Zhang
Qian-Ying Feng; Xu Wu; Lin-Lin Zhang; Jia Li
Víctor Muñoz
D. González Díaz
C. Michea; L. Velazquez
J. Cisternas; M. Navarro; S. Duarte; A. Concha
Carlos Cartes
S. Davis; C. Loyola; J. Peralta
Orazio Descalzi; M. I. Carvalho; M. Facão; Helmut R. Brand
Heng Guo; Jin Zhou; Shuaibing Zhu
Sergio Curilef
S. Curilef; A. R. Plastino; R. S. Wedemann
Yonggui Kao; Yue Cao; Xiangyong Chen
B. Atenas; S. Curilef; F. Pennini
Gaoxin Qi; Jichao Li; Xueming Xu; Gang Chen; Kewei Yang
L. Velazquez; B. Atenas; J. C. Castro-Palacio
B. Atenas; L. Velazquez; J. C. Castro-Palacio
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