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China Academy of Engineering Physics

The CAEP is China's organization conducting the research, development, and testing of nuclear weapons and related science.

Recent Articles
Peipei Wang, Honghai An et al.
The use of broadband laser technology is a novel approach for inhibiting processes related to laser plasma interactions (LPIs). In this study, several preliminary experiments into ...
Research Article
Huasen Zhang, Dongguo Kang et al.
Extrapolation of implosion performance between different laser energy scales is investigated for indirect drive through a semi-hydro-equivalent design. Since radiation transport is ...
Research Article
Yang Liu, De-Hua Zhang et al.
The evolution of ablative Rayleigh–Taylor instability (ARTI) induced by single-mode stationary and time-varying perturbations in heat flux is studied numerically in two dimensions. Compared with the ...
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