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Microfluidics, Circulating Biomarkers and Cancer

Recent advances in cancer research suggest that rich diagnostic and prognostic information can be present in blood-based biomarkers including circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), circulating tumor cells (CTCs), and exosomes. The field of microfluidics has advanced significantly and is poised to address these challenges, making a significant impact on the development of liquid-biopsy technologies for cancer diagnostics and management. This special issue features research on microfluidic approaches for isolation and detection of cancer-relevant circulating biomarkers.

Guest Editors: Siva Vanapalli and Claire Hur

Siva A. Vanapalli; Soojung Clair Hur
Wenwen Chen; Hongjing Li; Wentao Su; Jianhua Qin
Nanjing Hao; John X. J. Zhang
Nabiollah Kamyabi; Jonathan Huang; Jaewon J. Lee; Vincent Bernard; Alexander Semaan; Bret Stephens; Mark W. Hurd; Siva A. Vanapalli; Anirban Maitra; Paola A. Guerrero
Florina S. Iliescu; Daniel P. Poenar; Fang Yu; Ming Ni; Kiat Hwa Chan; Irina Cima; Hayden K. Taylor; Igor Cima; Ciprian Iliescu
Arian Aghilinejad; Mohammad Aghaamoo; Xiaolin Chen
Hogyeong Gwak; Junmoo Kim; Sunyeong Cha; Yong–Pil Cheon; Seung-Il Kim; Bongseop Kwak; Kyung-A Hyun; Hyo-Il Jung
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