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Special Topic Collection: Polymeric Biointerfaces — A Collection in celebration of Nicholas D. Spencer's career

This Biointerphases Special Topic Collection is in celebration of Nicholas (Nic) Spencer, one of the leading scientists worldwide in surface science, tribology, and polymer interfaces. His activities have been characterized by a distinctive crossdisciplinarity and originality, spanning from the characterization of metal and metal oxide surfaces to the synthesis and application of synthetic biointerfaces. While honoring the career of Nic Spencer and his contributions to the Biointerfaces Community, this special collection concentrates on research on the design, characterization, and application of polymers (and biopolymers) for structuring biological interfaces and determining their properties.

Guest Editor: Edmondo M. Benetti, University of Padua, Italy

Image credits:

Top: 1. M. Bina, F. Sciortino, and A. N. Mahrir, Biointerphases 17, 060802, (2022). 2. Courtesy of Edmondo M. Benetti. 3. R. Vaiwala, P. Sharma and K. G. Ayappa, Biointerphases 17, 061008, (2022).

Bottom: 1. P. C. Kannan and J. Genzer, Biointerphases 18, 011001 (2023). 2. C. L. Johnson and A. C. Dunn, Biointerphases 17, 061002, (2022).

Special Collection Image
Tobias Weidner
Kangdi Sun; Tooba Shoaib; Mark W. Rutland; Joesph Beller; Changwoo Do; Rosa M. Espinosa-Marzal
D. T. Nguyen; D. I. Pedro; A. Pepe; J. G. Rosa; J. I. Bowman; L. Trachsel; G. R. Golde; I. Suzuki; J. M. Lavrador; N. T. Y. Nguyen; M. A. Kis; R. A. Smolchek; N. Diodati; R. Liu; S. R. Phillpot; A. R. Webber; P. Castillo; E. J. Sayour; B. S. Sumerlin; W. G. Sawyer
Mohamed A. Abdelbar; James P. Ewen; Daniele Dini; Stefano Angioletti-Uberti
Pandiyarajan Chinnayan Kannan; Jan Genzer
Maryame Bina; Flavien Sciortino; Agata N. Mahrir
Rakesh Vaiwala; Pradyumn Sharma; K. Ganapathy Ayappa
Christopher L. Johnson; Alison C. Dunn
Jing-Yi Zhang; Nihad Cheraga; Ning-Ping Huang
Paul M. Dietrich; Marit Kjærvik; Elizabeth A. Willneff; Wolfgang E. S. Unger
Esha Mishra; Thilini K. Ekanayaka; Peter A. Dowben
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