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Editorial Board and Publications Committee

SSS Editorial Board

D. R. Baer, Pacific Northwest Natl. Lab. (USA)
D. Barreca, CNR-ICMATE, Padova (Italy)
A. M. Belu, Medtronic (USA)
J. Counsell, Kratos Analytical (UK)
M. H. Engelhard, Pacific Northwest Natl. Lab. (USA)
T. Grehl, IONTOF GmbH (Germany)
J. D. Geller, Geller MicroAnalytical Lab. (USA)
M. R. Linford, Brigham Young University (USA)
C. Mallinson, University of Surrey (UK)
M. L. Pacholski, The Dow Chemical Company (USA)
I. Petrov, University of Illinois (USA)
J.-J. Pireaux, University of Namur (Belgium)
R. Quinlan, Christopher Newport University (USA)
P. M. A. Sherwood, Oklahoma State University (USA)
F. A. Stevie, North Carolina State University (USA)
M. J. Taylor, Taproot Medical (USA)
S. Tougaard, Odense University (Denmark)
W. E. S. Unger, BAM (Germany)

AVS Publications Committee

Chair: Charles R. “Chip” Eddy, Jr., Office of Naval Research Global, London

Ivan Petrov, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gregory J. Exarhos, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Lara Gamble, University of Washington
Jay Hendricks, NIST

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