The dynamics of X‐point tunneling in AlAs–GaAs–AlAs double barrier heterostructures is studied with numerical simulation. The problem is formulated within the framework of the one‐band Wannier orbital model which allows for simultaneous descriptions of the Γ‐point double barrier profile and the X‐point double well profile in this heterostructure. Time dependences of the following processes are illustrated: (i) resonant tunneling of Γ‐valley electron packets via the X‐point quantum well states localized in the AlAs layers, (ii) nonresonant tunneling of Γ‐electron packets (with energy below the AlAs Γ‐point barrier) through the X‐point continuum states, and (3) resonant tunneling via Γ‐X mixed quantum well states localized in both the GaAs Γ‐point quantum well and the AlAs X‐point double quantum well. In addition, the effects of X‐point tunneling on the escape times of electrons localized in the GaAs quantum wells are examined.

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