With the rise of two-dimensional (2D) materials and nanoelectronics, compatible processes based on existing Si technologies are highly demanded to enable new and superior device functions. In this study, we utilized an O2 plasma treatment as a compatible and tunable method for anionic substitution doping in 2D WSe2. With an introduced WOx layer, moderate or even degenerate doping was realized to enhance hole transport in WSe2. By combining with 2D MoS2, an evolution of the 2D heterogeneous junction, in terms of the energy band structure and charge transport, was comprehensively investigated as a function of applied electric fields. The heterogeneous WSe2/MoS2 junction can function as an antiambipolar transistor and exhibit exceptional and well-balanced performance, including a superior peak-valley ratio of 2.4 × 105 and a high current density of 55 nA/μm. This work highlights the immense potential of 2D materials and their engineering to seamlessly integrate with existing semiconductor technology and enhance the efficiency of future nanoelectronics.

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