An integrated circuit‐compatible process has been demonstrated for microfabricating arrays of scanning tunneling microscopes on silicon wafers. Each microfabricated scanning tunneling microscope (STM) incorporates a novel three‐dimensional thin‐film piezoelectric actuator which is capable of scanning the STM tip laterally over the sample surface and following surface topography. The actuator is in the form of a cantilever bimorph constructed from alternating layers of multiple metallic electrodes, dielectric films, and piezoelectric zinc oxide films. Each device is designed to scan a region 0.1×1 μm with low voltage drive, with a maximum vertical deflection of 15 μm, which simplifies sample approach. The dimensions of the device are 1000×200×8 μm. Operation of the device has been demonstrated by imaging graphite with atomic resolution. The piezoelectric actuator in this device is itself a significant contribution to the field of microactuators, with many non‐STM applications.

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