X‐ray generated photoelectron and Auger transition data for several phosphorus reference compounds, including PCl3, P3 N5, P2 O5, (C6 H5 )3 P(C5 H4 ), (C6 H5 )4 PBr, KH2 PO4 , NH4H2PO4, and NH4 PF6 are presented. These data have been used to determine the relative ionicity and polarizability of phosphorus in the chlorophosphazene trimer ([NPCl2 ]3 ) and polymer ([NPCl2 ]n ). The results support recent molecular‐orbital calculations that predict a highly polarized backbone bond in the phosphazenes. Furthermore, the chlorophosphazene polymer was observed to have a greater value for the Auger parameter than the chlorotrimer, indicating that the bonding environment surrounding the polymer is more polarizable than that surrounding the trimer.

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