Rapid thermal processing (RTP) for the synthesis of refractory metal silicides has been in use recently. The techniques used in RTP for heating the samples include the use of a graphite strip heater and quartz halogen lamps. In the present case we have synthesized titanium disilicide (TiSi2) by RTP by using a conventional diffusion furnace. The annealing times were 90 and 180 s while the temperature of the hot zone was 800 °C (±0.5 °C) in which the sample was introduced for annealing. Auger electron spectroscopy studies of the samples indicated that there is a thin top layer of oxide of titanium with the titanium silicide buried underneath. Scanning and transmission electron microscopies were also done of the samples to ascertain surface and bulk microstructure. Measured sheet resistance of the samples is ∼1.2 Ω/sq. The present investigations thus suggest an alternative RTP technique for synthesis of silicide.

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