Oxygen sensors based on YSZ solid electrolyte thin films have great application prospects due to their advantages in miniaturization and integration. Here, we report the gas sensing performance of Pt/YSZ/Pt oxygen gas sensors with low preparing temperatures. YSZ thin films with (200) preferred orientation have been prepared by room temperature RF magnetron sputtering combined with annealing at a temperature of 650 °C. The 700 nm-thick YSZ films exhibit an obvious limiting current platform, and the limiting current IL shows a linear dependence on oxygen concentration X(O2) (in the range of 6%–21%). Moreover, the devices with 700 nm-thick YSZ films worked well at the temperature range from 500 to 650 °C, and a linear relationship between logIL and 1000/T has been observed. These results demonstrate that YSZ thin films prepared by low temperature magnetron sputtering combined with the annealing process can reduce the working temperature.

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