Structural phase transition is studied in high quality CrN thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy on MgO(001) substrates. Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction reveal that the epitaxial relationship between CrN film and MgO substrate is [ 100 ] CrN / [ 100 ] MgO, [ 110 ] CrN / [ 110 ] MgO, and [ 001 ] CrN / [ 001 ] MgO. The films show tensile strain/compression at the CrN/MgO(001) interface, which relaxes gradually with the film growth. Temperature dependent x-ray diffraction measurements show a first-order structural phase transition. In addition to the experimental measurements, first-principles theoretical calculations have been carried out for finding a stable model for the CrN/MgO interface. These calculations determine two possible models for the interface, where a monolayer of chromium oxide is formed between the CrN and MgO layers.

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