A computerized central analytical facility is described which remotely samples from 70 process points and analyzes the gas samples by mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques. Samples are transported through a capillary by pressure gradient to a vacuum manifold and ultimately to the inlet system of either of two mass spectrometers. Process pressures vary from 400 to 2500 Torr which assures viscous, nonseparative flow within the capillaries, the capillary whose inside diameters range from 0.03 to 0.05 cm. An exhaust‐gas recovery system to retain valuable tritium from samples is also described. The sampling manifold and inlet systems are fabricated from high vacuum components and tubing that is polished on interior surfaces. All valves can be computer controlled or manually operated from a central control console. Valve actuation is verified by process changes. The gas is analyzed by a computer‐controlled, magnetic‐sector mass spectrometer, the results archived in another computer and the approved results sent to the requestor via a data network.

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